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General Terms and Conditions

  • Motorcycle riding is inherently a dangerous sport, therefore the following is important information for you to consider
  • You must attend and complete every classroom unit and every range exercise in its entirety to be successful and receive your waiver for a license. (State Law)
  • In the time allowed we cannot guarantee that every student will learn to ride or successfully pass the BRC course
  • You must pass both the knowledge (written) test and an on course riding evaluation to obtain your MSF certification and your DMV endorsement. No retesting will be permitted
  • A minimum of 5 students will be needed for a class to be scheduled. If 5 students are not signed up for a class date then you will be asked to reschedule one time at no extra charge.
  • Coordination and Balance are essential. You should be able to balance and ride a bicycle to be successful in order to complete the course
  • Please consider the following before you purchase a class
  • If you decide to cancel an already scheduled class you need to notify us in writing to 10 BUSINESS days prior to your class date no later than 430PM EST and you will be refunded 70% of your tuition
  • If you need to reschedule a class you will need to do so in writing (email accepted) no later than 10 BUSINESS days prior to the class date no later than 4:30pm EST in order to receive a complete reschedule.
  • If you purchase a seat 10 days or less and decide to cancel or reschedule a class you will not be entitled to a refund, free reschedule or any compensation. Please consider this during your purchase.
  • There is no guarantee of your safety, your completion or graduation
  • Injury or unfortunately death may occur when operating a 2 or three wheel vehicle.
  • Students who are unsafe to themselves or others as determined by the student and or their rider coaches will not be permitted to continue.

Late Policy and Refunds


Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled times to ensure your entrance into the class. You need to make sure where you need to be and there is paperwork that has to be completed before the class begins. The times are firm and NON-NEGOTABLE. If you arrive after your start time you will not be admitted to participate. You WILL NOT be entitled to a refund or a free reschedule. NO EXCEPTIONS

REFUNDS- Refunds will be on a case by case basis and are not to be expected once you enter into a registered class.

YOU MUST READ AND UNDERSTAND the Rider Course Waiver and the COVID-19 Liability Waiver.
Please bring this to class UNSIGNED. You can print the waivers on here or during your registration process. 

Rider Course Waiver    COVID-19 Liability Waiver

you will need to bring the following:

  • Eye Protection
  • Full Fingered Gloves
  • Long Sleeves
  • Long Sturdy Pants
  • Over The Ankle Footwear
  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions, you will also need: a 3/4 of full face DOT approved helmet of your own.

509- Sullivan- Helmet Promo (for students needing helmets)

509- Sullivan- Helmet Promo

*IMPORTANT: Once you have read all the above information AND printed out and completed the Rider Course Waiver and COVID-19 Liability Waiver please click the button below to complete the last step of registration*
* Note: These steps must be completed on a computer as they are not mobile compatible at this time. *

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